Laguna Madre Christian Academy
Laguna Madre Christian Academy is a non-denominational Christian school which seeks to
educate children in an environment of Christ-like love, Biblical truth and academic excellence.

To the process of learning come sons and daughters for whom Laguna Madre Christian
Academy has certain expectations - they will accept the rigor and discipline required of
scholars; they will take an interest, they will set themselves to learn; they will aim high and strive
hard; they will recognize that bare facts, barely expressed is not wisdom; they will understand
that the scriptures are the comprehensive equipment of the man and woman of God and fit
them fully for all branches of their life's work; and they will demonstrate that they are masters of
their craft and each noble task that comes will find them ready for it.

To the process of learning come teachers for whom Laguna Madre Christian Academy has
certain expectations - they will set before students a noble example of Christian grace and
virtue; they lead the life of a Christian scholar in the vast and exciting disciplines they teach and
will have something rich and challenging to offer students; they will know each student's
abilities, feelings, values, and hopes; they will respect each student as an image bearer of God,
regardless of the student's performance; they will build many roads to success into the
instructional program; and they will assist each student everyday to taste success in any area
or earnest endeavor.

To focus the process of learning, a comprehensive program of studies has been constructed
which is consistant with the system's approved timeless goals - the system goals are elaborated
to become program goals; the program goals are elaborated to become course goals; the
course goals are elaborated to become instuctional goals; and the instructional goals lead to
the development of performance standards for student assessment. Yes, there is essential
content to be mastered and there are life-long skills and tools of learning to be acquired. Yes, a
Godly and gifted teacher is the heart of the learning process; and yes, each student must
understand that education is an aided form of self-development over which the individual can
never be relieved of the fundamental responsibility.